Mercedes on Broward Death Row the Longest

Mercedes on Broward Death Row the Longest


Mercedes has been on Broward's death row the longest. She was originally taken into custody by Broward Animal Control on November 24, 2008.  Almost two years ago. The crime? Allegedly killing a cat. No previous history of aggression, no prior history of problems with animal control. And she will remain on death row for the foreseeable future.  The case is now on appeal to the Fourth District, and they have yet to schedule oral argument. 

Mercedes case will be the first one to challenge in an appellate court Broward's one kill rule.  If Mercedes has done the same thing in Miami, she would not have been taken into custody at all. So Mercedes case is probably the most important one, because it will be the first one to be considered. It is by no means an easy case.  The issue is whether the state legislature intended the dangerous dog definition to be changed by counties and municipalites. Attorney Jason Wandner is representing Mercedes, and we wish him well.

However, the best remedy for all this is to change Florida's Dangerous Dog Law to require a statewide uniform definition.  I implore you to sign our Petition To Change Florida's Dangerous Dog Law and send a link to everyone you know.

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