Epic and Samson—Victims of Florida's Stand Your Ground Law

Florida's Stand Your Ground Law Kills People Too

Florida's "Stand Your Ground Law" Results in Unjustified Shootings of People too

Samson and Epic
Epic And Samson

Florida's Stand Your Ground Law is one of the main reasons that the shooter of Epic and Samson escaped prosecution. It has also resulted in some questionable shootings of people too.  The St. Petersburg Times published an interesting article showing that "justifiable homicide" claims have gone up in the last five years since its enactment. The full article can be read here. This is a must read article for anyone who wants to see how the law has affected the use of deadly force across the state.


State Attorney Declines Prosecution of Shooter

State Attorney Declines Prosecution of Shooter of Epic and Samson

The State Attorney announced this morning that he will not be charging the shooter of Epic and Samson. The full memorandum from the State Attorney can be read here.  It is obviously disappointing to the owners that the criminal justice system cannot "prove a crime was committed."  They can take some solice in the fact that the investigation was re-opened.  But the fact that the shooter, who by all accounts shot the second dog while running away, will walk away without penalty is difficult to bear.


Two Great Danes Shot In Ocala

Two Great Danes Shot to Death in Ocala

Samson and Epic

Two Great Danes, Samson and Epic were shot in Ocala by a neighbor with a 9mm Glock. They got out accidentally and the owners were out looking for them at the time they were killed. One died on scene, the other died hours later at the vet.  The Sheriff's department was called to "assist" animal control in the investigation. Animal control's report indicates that the are "standing behind" the sheriff's investigation since animal control is not equipped to deal with cases involving the discharge of a firearm.


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