Two Great Danes Shot In Ocala

Two Great Danes Shot to Death in Ocala

Samson and Epic

Two Great Danes, Samson and Epic were shot in Ocala by a neighbor with a 9mm Glock. They got out accidentally and the owners were out looking for them at the time they were killed. One died on scene, the other died hours later at the vet.  The Sheriff's department was called to "assist" animal control in the investigation. Animal control's report indicates that the are "standing behind" the sheriff's investigation since animal control is not equipped to deal with cases involving the discharge of a firearm.

Except the only investigation done by the Sheriff's department was to obtain a self serving statement from the shooter.  The Sheriff's department took no photos, did not document the scene, did not protect the crime scene, did not take any shell casings, locate the bullets or even photograph the blood evidence.  They did manage to talk to (but not take a statement from) two witnesses who stated that the dogs were "not a threat."  The dogs had been in front of the witness's house, and appeared dehydrated and thirsty from being out in the Florida heat for several hours. According to the witnesses, the dogs did lope down towards the shooter, but "before they ever got to him, he began firing."

Both agencies have decided that they will "let the state attorney decide whether to file charges." The only problem is, what have the agencies done to give the state attorney any information to make a decision? 

This sounds like the Bear Bear case all over again. Even the same gun.

What a sad way for the authorities to investigate a case and treat two beautiful loved dogs.  I will be following this case closely and report on any action taken by the state attorney. 

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