Firu Goes Home!

Firu Goes Home!

firuFiru, the dog horribly injured when dragged behind a truck, went home today after spending almost two months at the vet.  You can learn more about Firu on his Facebook page.

Downey v. Pierce County

Downey v. Pierce County, Washington

Adam Karp, Esq., for Blizzard


Our esteemed colleague Adam Karp is representing Blizzard in an appeal of his dangerous dog classification.  We will be following this case as it winds through the appellate courts in Washington State.  The appeal and Writ of Certiorari can be found here.

Using Mansour v. King, Karp argues that the procedure used by Pierce County Animal Services to declare Blizzard dangerous denied the owner/guardian due process. Particularly onerous was the hearing officer's change of the designation of Blizzard from potentially dangerous to dangerous without any notice to the owner/guardian. The owner/guardian was denied any subpoena power, nor was there any recording of the proceedings below.

Karp also raises the issue of the proper standard of proof, which, as in Mansour, he argues should be clear and convincing, given the quasi-criminal nature of the proceedings. 

We will keep you apprised of further developments.


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